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The Key Account Management Excellence model

Key Account Management Excellence Model

Is it enough, to put the new title Key Account Manager on the business card? No, it’s not!

Is it enough, to call part of the sales organization Key Account Management? No, it’s not!

To achieve excellence in strategic Key Account Management and to ensure that it becomes a holistic company approach, 8 dimensions need to be considered. These 8 dimensions are described in the Key Account Management Excellence Model.

Key Account Management Excellence Model

The "Strategic Account Plan" book

Book 'The strategic Key Account Plan' (Hartmut Sieck)

The book is constructed in such a way that the reader will be guided through the systematic account plan, step by step, so that one can easily adapt the content to his own specific company and business requirements.

The Book

Key Account Plan template

Key Account Plan template (ppt format)

Key Account Management without a Key Account Plan is like a morning without a toothbrush! But while we use a toothbrush as a matter of course, we don’t have time for the Account Plan. With this ready to use Key Account Plan you can start immediately to work out your business strategy. A systematic customer, market and competition analysis will lead you step-by-step to your top 5 business opportunities and risks. Based upon this profound analysis you identify the top strategic business goals including the business strategy and action plan behind.

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The Key Account Management Online Course

Key Account Management online course

This video training consists of 49 videos and focus on the specific needs of Key Account Managers.

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