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Key Account Management Excellence Model

A systematic strategic or key account management is made up of eight fundamental elements, that answer core questions to the company specific set up of an account management program.

Key Account Management Excellence Model
  1. Objectives and terminologies
    What is the overall objective that should be achieved with the KAM program?
    Which company specific terminologies will be used?
  2. Identification of key accounts
    Who are the key accounts and how are they going to be identified?
  3. Packages for key accounts
    What do we do differently for the important key accounts?
    Which products or services will they get, that other accounts will not get?
  4. Organization and account teams
    How is the KAM integrated into the overall company organization?
    How to set up and manage interdivisional (mostly virtual organized) key account teams?
  5. Personal
    What is the job profile of a key account manager?How to reimburse key account managers?
    How to set up a career path for people in the KAM organization?
  6. Processes
    How to set up KAM specific processes (e.g. budget planning process) and how to integrate them into the company processes?
  7. Tools
    Which tools are provided to the key account managers to manage the business relationship with their customers? (Example: Key Account Plan)
  8. Steering
    How to set up a multi dimensional scorecard to steer the KAM?