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  • 45 ready to use pages (easy to use ppt format)
  • BONUS: The book ‚The strategic Key Account Plan‘!  (171 pages, pdf Format)

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Key Account Management without a Key Account Plan is like a morning without a toothbrush! But while we use a toothbrush as a matter of course, we don’t have time for the Account Plan. With this ready to use Key Account Plan you can start immediately to work out your business strategy. A systematic customer, market and competition analysis will lead you step-by-step to your top 5 business opportunities and risks. Based upon this profound analysis you identify the top strategic business goals including the business strategy and action plan behind.


Systematic account analysis and development of the account strategy


Easy communication within the team and towards the management


Store important information about the key account centrally


Your Strategic Key Account Plan Template

Key Account Plan template overview

Management Summary

  • Business KPIs (Sales, Profit, …) cockpit
  • Customer news and updates
  • Top 3 strategic business objectives
  • Status of the top 5 business opportunities
  • Green / red light of the current business relationship

Account Analysis

  • Customer business profile
  • Key figures
  • Company structure and key subsidiaries and sites
  • Top 3 business objectives / key projects
  • Procurement and E-Sourcing strategy
  • Key requirements
  • Market and competition environment
  • Key stakeholder (Power Map / Decision Making Unit anaylsis)
  • Optional: Customer SWOT

Own position of topday

  • Supplier evaluation
  • We as a customer
  • Frame contract information
  • Business history (won bid / lost bid analysis)
  • Share of supply / Sales development
  • Top 5 products
  • Competition environment
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Account Playbook
  • Optional: our SWOT

Top Chances and risks

Summary of the most important opportunities and risks from the analysis

Business strategy

  • Mission
  • Success stories
  • Top 3 business objectives and strategies
  • Optional OKR (Objectives Key Results) approach
  • Financial planning
  • Key Account Team and team responsivities
  • Relationship matrix
  • Touchpoint Plan

Just 3 steps

Just 3 steps to build your own individual key account plan

Step 1: Download the key account plan template

Immediately after purchase, you will receive the access data for the Online Academy, where you can download the current Key Account Plan templates (pptx Powerpoint format) at any time.

Step 2: Select relevant slides and adopt them in your own company CI

The template now contains over 45 pages that have developed from many projects and participant feedback. I invite you to make a conscious decision, especially at the beginning, on a selection of the pages that bring the greatest added value for you. For this purpose, some slides are marked as “Optional” in the template. Now you only need to transfer the templates into your company CI (your company PowerPoint template) and you can start.

Step 3: Bringing the key account plan to life alone or in a team

Alternatively, you can now fill the plan with life bit by bit as a key account manager or as part of the key account team. At the beginning it is about the analysis of the account / customer and then about your own position in the competitive environment with this one key account. You can then derive the top opportunities and risks from the analysis and work out your strategic goals and implementation strategy. One tip: Make a conscious use of the “?”, Especially during analysis, if you don’t know something. Only those who know what they don’t know will be able to close this information gap.

Your account plan, your proactive key account strategy, is ready to go!

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Key Account Plan template (powerpoint, pptx format)

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  • Additional BONUS: Book ‚The strategic Key Account Plan‘! (pdf Version)


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This key account plan template only contains one possible structure for a key account plan. The analysis points and questions in the template should only be used as an impulse / idea to create your own, individual key account plan. The template does not claim to be complete. The consequences for your business arise solely from your personal conclusions.