The Strategic Key Account Plan

The book to design and prepare your account strategy plan.

Book 'The strategic Key Account Plan) (Hartmut Sieck)

Key Account Managers and sales people are facing a lot of challenges these days. Often, purchasing decisions are made in internationally composed purchasing committees. In addition, more and more customers do not perceive the suppliers products and services are that unique anymore. At any rate, customer requirements are getting more diverse while the own competition gets tougher and tougher.

The strategic Key Account Plan or, sometimes called, Key Account Growth Plan aims to provide account teams with a systematic tool to overcome these challenges by:

  • analyzing your customer in detail in his own market and competition environment and gain insights about his challenges and real business requirements.
  • analyzing your key competitors with their customer specific sales strategy and getting a clear view on their individual strengths and weaknesses.
  • deriving out of that intensive analysis new business opportunities and ideas, with a clear winning strategy and a key action plan.
  • developing a sound and tight multilevel relationship network between your company and your customer.
  • developing a key account marketing plan with the objective increasing customer retention in the mid to long term.

The application fields of that powerful tool stretch from a professional sales tool, to a systematic planning tool, to a focused communication tool within your own organization.

The book is constructed in such a way that the reader will be guided through the systematic account plan, step by step, so that one can easily adapt the content to his own specific company and business requirements.

The author:

Hartmut Sieck is a management consultant with a focus on Key Account Management and sales in the business-to-business environment. He is one of the founding members of the European Foundation for Key Account Management (EFKAM) and supports many internationally organized companies to further professionalize their sales organization.

Sample – Book ‘The strategic (Key) Account Plan

Author: Hartmut Sieck
Number of pages: 172
ISBN-10: 3739224576
ISBN-13: 978-3739224572