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The Strategic Key Account Plan

The ultimate handbook, how to design, to prepare and finally to execute a strategic plan for a selected Key Account.


“The other day in Germany: The Key Account Manager John Smith is told by his boss to create a Key Account Plan for an important, strategic customer. Should he now quickly prepare a PowerPoint presentation and show it to his boss so he’s satisfied? Is a Key Account Plan actually a presentation or a real tool? If it actually is a tool, what characterizes a good Key Account Plan? How should such a Key Account Plan be structured? Should the Key Account Manager prepare this plan by himself? Just as he is contemplating all these questions, he stumbles on an interesting survey. According to this study only 20% of Key Account Managers said that they actually use this plan as a tool in their daily work, but it was this 20% that was more successful than their competitors in the year of the crisis in 2009! The conclusion from the survey catches John Smith’s attention and he decides not to prepare a mere presentation but to make the most of the Account Plan by using it as a real tool.

If you can identify with John Smith, this book is for you. This book will help you to structure and prepare a Key Account Plan in a professional manner. You have already prepared an Account Plan? Then use this book for a thorough scrutiny of your plan.

This book is intended to be used as a guide for your work, so you can immediately put into practice what you have just read.”